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10 Real-Life Fairy Tale Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Club Newport has browsed through the most magical, fairy-tale destinations in the world to bring you our selection of the top ten. If your desire is to live a real life fairy tale, this is the ultimate list you need to pack up and make your dream come true.

1. Sea of Stars: Vadhoo Island, Maldives

sea of stars maldives - club newport

The bioluminescence in the water is not a reflection of the stars above, but is actually caused by marine microbes known as phytoplankton. The glow effect it has on the shore is absolutely magical and fairy-tale like.

2. Pamukkale: Turkey

Pamukkale literally translates into “Cotton Castle” in Turkish. The surreal, pristine white travertine terraces, warm pools, and hot springs attract over 2 million visitors each year. It is not surprising that it has been recognized as a World Heritage Site considering its natural and man-made breathtaking wonders.

3. Wisteria Tunnel: Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

The Wisteria Tunnel is full of beautifully scented, pastel-colored flowers that bloom in late April and early May. Walking through the Wisteria Tunnel will make you feel like a fairy tale come true.

4. Colmar: France

This charming town in France looks like it was taken out of a Disney movie. Full of colorful houses, canals, floral displays, amazing cuisine, in addition to shops and boutiques, this enchanting town will lure you in.

5. Tunnel of Love: Klevan, Ukraine

As is stated with the name, this stunning spot is the perfect romantic spot. It is not only a passage way for trains, but also for lovers. It is said that if lovers make a sincere wish in the Tunnel of Love, it will come true. Even if you go on your own, it is still a stunning place to experience nature.

6. Oneonta Gorge: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Hidden within the amazing Columbia River Gorge, this magical creek makes for a beautiful hike. There are four major waterfalls you can enjoy hiking through but be warned, the water can be chest deep.

7. St. Basil's Cathedral: Moscow, Russia

Formerly a church, St. Basil’s Cathedral is now a museum with unconventional designs and bright colors.

8. Glowworm Caves: New Zealand

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves Attraction is known for its Arachnocampa luminosa, a glowworm species unique to New Zealand and known for its stunning glitter display it produces at night.

9. Hohenzollern Castle: Bisingen, Germany

Located 768 feet above Germany, the Hohenzollern Castle is one of the most visited castles in Germany with over 300,000 yearly visitors. The sight is most spectacular when it sticks out above the fog, giving the appearance of a castle in the clouds.

10. Las Lajas Sanctuary: Colombia

The Las Lajas Sanctuary is a church that looks like a fairy-tale European castle. With its dramatic Gothic appearance, visiting this place will make you feel like you are in the middle of an epic fairy tale battle about to take place.

Club Newport takes pride in giving its members access to the best travel opportunities. Check us out on the Travel and Tourism Directory and contact us to find out how we can help you discover new travel opportunities.

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